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pan-european assessment, monitoring, and mitigation of stressors on the health of bees

Here, you will find all public PoshBee deliverables as well as all scientific publications resulting from or relevant to the project.
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D9.9 Consolidated peptide/protein databases including markers for application II

Authors: Arafah, K., Askri, D., Voisin, S. & Bulet, P.
Year: 2022
duedate: 49
Deliverable number: D9.9

D11.4 Exploitation plan - update 2022

Authors: Demirova, I., Metodiev, T., & Yovcheva, N.
Year: 2022
duedate: 51
Deliverable number: D11.4

D7.1 Manuscript on single and combined effects of key chemical and other stressors on bees under semi-field conditions

Authors: Albrecht, M., Schwarz, J.M., Knauer, A.C., Klein, A-M., Tamburini, G., Wintermantel, D., Allan, M.J., & Dean, R.R.
Year: 2022
duedate: 51
Deliverable number: D7.1

D8.2 Verified models describing how agrochemicals affect bee health

Authors: Annoscia, D., de Miranda, J.R., Topping, C.J., & Nazzi, F.
Year: 2022
duedate: 51
Deliverable number: D8.2

D10.7 Report on PoshBee external protocols, tools, best practice guides

Authors: Brown, M.J.F., Albrecht, M., Allan, M., Bulet, P., Chauzat, M.-P. et al.
Year: 2023
duedate: 56
Deliverable number: D10.7

Editorial: Honey Pie - Are pollinators getting their fair slice?

Authors: Hodge, S., & Cruickshank, R.
Year: 2019
Journal: The Weta
Volume/Issue: 53
Publisher/Place: New Zealand
Pages: 1-6

The Beneficial Effect of Pollen on Varroa Infested Bees Depends on Its Influence on Behavioral Maturation Genes

Authors: Frizzera, D., Ray, A.M., Seffin, E., Zanni, V., Annoscia, D., Grozinger, C.M., & Nazzi, F.
Year: 2022
Journal: Frontiers in Insect Science
Volume/Issue: 2
Publisher/Place: Insect Physiology
Pages: 864238

No evidence for negative impacts of acute sulfoxaflor exposure on bee olfactory conditioning or working memory

Authors: Siviter, H., Scott, A., Pasquier, G., Pull, C.D., Brown, M.J.F., & Leadbeater, E.
Year: 2019
Journal: PeerJ
Volume/Issue: 7
Publisher/Place: PeerJ
Pages: e7208

Taxon-specific temporal shifts in pollinating insects in mass-flowering crops and field margins in Ireland

Authors: Bottero, I., Hodge, S., & Stout, J.
Year: 2021
Journal: Journal of Pollination Ecology
Volume/Issue: 28
Publisher/Place: ICPPR
Pages: 90–107

Sulfoxaflor and nutritional deficiency synergistically reduce survival and fecundity in bumblebees

Authors: Linguadoca A., Rizzi C., Villa S., & Brown M.J.F.
Year: 2021
Journal: Science of The Total Environment
Volume/Issue: 795
Publisher/Place: Elsevier BV
Pages: 148680

Flowering resources modulate the sensitivity of bumblebees to a common fungicide

Authors: Wintermantel, D., Pereira-Peixoto, M-H., Warth, N., Melcher, K., Faller, M., & Feurer, J.
Year: 2022
Journal: Science of the Total Environment
Volume/Issue: 829:154450
Publisher/Place: Elsevier

No evidence for impaired solitary bee fitness following pre-flowering sulfoxaflor application alone or in combination with a common fungicide in a semi-field experiment

Authors: Schwarz, J.M., Knauer, A.C., Allan, M.J., Dean, R.R., Ghazoul, J., Tamburini, G., Wintermantel, D., Klein, A-M., & Albrecht, M.
Year: 2022
Journal: Environment International
Volume/Issue: 164:107252
Publisher/Place: Elsevier BV

Sulfoxaflor insecticide and azoxystrobin fungicide have no major impact on honeybees in a realistic-exposure semi-field experiment

Authors: Tamburin, G., Wintermantel, D., Allan, M.J., Dean, R.R., Knauer, A., Albrecht, M., & Klein, A-M.
Year: 2021
Journal: Science of the Total Environment
Volume/Issue: 778
Publisher/Place: Elsevier BV
Pages: 146084

Pesticide risk assessment in honeybees: Toward the use of behavioral and reproductive performances as assessment endpoints

Authors: Barascou, L., Brunet, J-L., Belzunces, L., Decourtye, A., Henry, M., Fourrier, J., Le Conte, Y., & Alaux, C.
Journal: Chemosphere
Volume/Issue: 276
Publisher/Place: Pergamon Press Ltd.
Pages: 130134

Holistic environmental risk assessment for bees

Authors: Topping C.J., Brown M., Chetcuti J., de Miranda J.R., Nazzi F., Neumann P., Paxton R.J., Rundlöf M., & Stout J.C.
Year: 2021
Journal: Science
Volume/Issue: 371 (6532)
Publisher/Place: American Association for the Advancement of Science
Pages: 897

Variations in Nutritional Requirements Across Bee Species

Authors: Barraud, A., Barascou, L., Lefebvre, V., Sene, D., Le Conte, Y., et al.
Year: 2022
Journal: Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems
Volume/Issue: 6
Publisher/Place: Frontiers Media S.A.
Pages: 824750

‘Inert’ ingredients are understudied, potentially dangerous to bees and deserve more research attention

Authors: Straw, E.A., Thompson, L.J.,Leadbeater, E., & Brown, M.J.F.
Year: 2022
Journal: Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
Volume/Issue: 289
Publisher/Place: Royal Society
Pages: 20212353

Sulfoxaflor exposure reduces bumblebee reproductive success

Authors: Siviter, H., Brown, M.J.F., & Leadbeater, E.
Year: 2018
Journal: Nature
Volume/Issue: 561/7721
Publisher/Place: Nature Publishing Group
Pages: 109-112

PoshBee: Nytt EU-projekt om bin

Authors: de Miranda, J.R., Rundlöf, M., Ulvtorp, J., Ivarsson, K., & Forsgren, E.
Year: 2019
Journal: Bitidningen
Volume/Issue: 2019.3
Publisher/Place: Sveriges Biodlares Riksförbund
Pages: 4-5

PoshBee: Ett nytt europeiskt forskningsprojekt om bin, bihälsa och växtskyddsmedel

Authors: de Miranda, J.R., Rundlöf, M., Ulvtorp, J., Ivarsson, K., & Forsgren, E.
Year: 2019
Journal: Gadden
Volume/Issue: 2019.2
Publisher/Place: Biodlingsföretagarna
Pages: 15-17