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pan-european assessment, monitoring, and mitigation of stressors on the health of bees

Here, you will find all public PoshBee deliverables as well as all scientific publications resulting from or relevant to the project.
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Interspecific Variation in Bumblebee Performance on Pollen Diet: New Insights for Mitigation Strategies

Authors: Moerman, R., Roger, N., De Jonghe, R., Michez, D., & Vanderplanck, M.
Year: 2016
Journal: PLOS ONE
Volume/Issue: 11(12)
Publisher/Place: Public Library of Science
Pages: e0168462

MALDI–MS Profiling to Address Honey Bee Health Status under Bacterial Challenge through Computational Modeling

Authors: Arafah, K., Voisin, S.N., Masson, V., Alaux, C., Le Conte, Y., Bocquet, M., & Bulet, P.
Year: 2019
Journal: Proteomics
Volume/Issue: 19(23)
Publisher/Place: Wiley-VCH
Pages: e1900268

An integrated system for field studies on honey bees

Authors: Allan, M.J., & Dean, R.R.
Year: 2022
Journal: Apicultural Research

PoshBee: Pan-European Assessment, Monitoring, and Mitigation of Stressors on the Health of Bees

Authors: Brown, M., Breeze, T., Bulet, P., et al.
Year: 2021
Journal: ARPHA Preprints
Publisher/Place: Pensoft Publishers

Distribution of bumblebees across Europe

Authors: Polce, C., Maes, J., Rotllan-Puig, X., Michez, D., Castro, L., Cederberg, B., et al.
Year: 2018
Journal: One Ecosystem
Volume/Issue: 3
Publisher/Place: Pensoft Publishers/Sofia
Pages: e28143

Sulfoxaflor exposure reduces bumblebee reproductive success

Authors: Siviter, H., Brown, M.J.F., & Leadbeater, E.
Year: 2018
Journal: Nature
Volume/Issue: 561/7721
Publisher/Place: Nature Publishing Group
Pages: 109-112

No evidence for negative impacts of acute sulfoxaflor exposure on bee olfactory conditioning or working memory

Authors: Siviter, H., Scott, A., Pasquier, G., Pull, C.D., Brown, M.J.F., & Leadbeater, E.
Year: 2019
Journal: PeerJ
Volume/Issue: 7
Publisher/Place: PeerJ
Pages: e7208

Neonicotinoid Clothianidin reduces honey bee immune response and contributes to Varroa mite proliferation

Authors: Annoscia, D., Di Prisco, G., Becchimanzi, A., et al.
Year: 2020
Journal: Nature Communications
Volume/Issue: 11
Publisher/Place: Nature Research
Pages: 5887

Bee Tracker - an open-source machine-learning based video analysis software for the assessment of nesting and foraging performance of cavity-nesting solitary bees

Authors: Knauer, A.C., Gallmann, J., & Albrecht, M.
Year: 2022
Journal: Ecology and Evolution
Volume/Issue: 12 (3)
Publisher/Place: Wiley

Ecological traits interact with landscape context to determine bees’ pesticide risk

Authors: Knapp, J.L., Nicholson, C.C., Jonsson, O. et al.
Year: 2023
Journal: Nature Ecology & Evolution
Volume/Issue: 7
Pages: 547–556

Intra-specific variation in sensitivity of Bombus terrestris and Osmia bicornis to three pesticides

Authors: Linguadoca, A., Jürison, M., Hellström, S. et al.
Year: 2022
Journal: Scientifc Reports
Volume/Issue: 12
Pages: 17311

Pesticide risk assessment: honeybee workers are not all equal regarding the risk posed by exposure to pesticides

Authors: Barascou, L., Sene, D., Le Conte, Y., & Alaux, C.
Year: 2022
Journal: Environmental Science and Pollution Research
Volume/Issue: 29 (60)
Pages: 90328 - 90337

PoshBee: Ett nytt europeiskt forskningsprojekt om bin, bihälsa och växtskyddsmedel

Authors: de Miranda, J.R., Rundlöf, M., Ulvtorp, J., Ivarsson, K., & Forsgren, E.
Year: 2019
Journal: Gadden
Volume/Issue: 2019.2
Publisher/Place: Biodlingsföretagarna
Pages: 15-17

PoshBee: Nytt EU-projekt om bin

Authors: de Miranda, J.R., Rundlöf, M., Ulvtorp, J., Ivarsson, K., & Forsgren, E.
Year: 2019
Journal: Bitidningen
Volume/Issue: 2019.3
Publisher/Place: Sveriges Biodlares Riksförbund
Pages: 4-5

Monitoring bee health in European agro-ecosystems using wing morphology and fat bodies

Authors: Vanderplanck, M., et al.
Year: 2021
Journal: One Ecosystem
Volume/Issue: 6
Publisher/Place: Pensoft Publishers
Pages: e63653

Impact of landscape configuration and composition on pollinator communities across different European biogeographic regions

Authors: Bottero, I., Dominik, C., Schweiger, O., Albrecht, M., Attridge, E., et al.
Year: 2023
Journal: Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution
Volume/Issue: 11
Pages: 1128228

No effect of dual exposure to sulfoxaflor and a trypanosome parasite on bumblebee olfactory learning

Authors: Vaughan, O.P., Straw, E.A., Linguadoca, A. et al.
Year: 2022
Journal: Scientific Reports
Volume/Issue: 12
Pages: 8611

Editorial: Honey Pie - Are pollinators getting their fair slice?

Authors: Hodge, S., & Cruickshank, R.
Year: 2019
Journal: The Weta
Volume/Issue: 53
Publisher/Place: New Zealand
Pages: 1-6

Field-level clothianidin exposure affects bumblebees but generally not their pathogens

Authors: Wintermantel, D., Locke, B., Andersson, G.K.S., Semberg, E., Forsgren, E., Osterman, J., et al.
Year: 2018
Journal: Nature Communications
Volume/Issue: 9
Publisher/Place: Nature Publishing Group
Pages: e5446

The Beneficial Effect of Pollen on Varroa Infested Bees Depends on Its Influence on Behavioral Maturation Genes

Authors: Frizzera, D., Ray, A.M., Seffin, E., Zanni, V., Annoscia, D., Grozinger, C.M., & Nazzi, F.
Year: 2022
Journal: Frontiers in Insect Science
Volume/Issue: 2
Publisher/Place: Insect Physiology
Pages: 864238